So what is Shibe-Batsu?

Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash

Shibe-Batsu is a blog with several goals in mind:

  • Document my quest in trying to make sense of, and rebut fatlogic. The idea is to pick apart a fatlogic claim per week, and to do so by relying on peer-reviewed research. New posts will be published every monday morning, and an archive can be found in the Rebuttals to Fatlogic section and category of the blog.
  • Keep track of any material I’m currently reading (magazines, books, papers), as well as my thoughts on it. This goal will not have a specific section in this blog, and it will not follow a schedule, although an archive can be found in the Reading Material category of the blog.
  • Publish a weekly opinion piece on almost any subject possible, as long as the subject or its presentation is family friendly. My intention is to keep all opinion pieces short and sweet, although, if the subject warrants it, serialized posts will be used. An archive of this posts can be found in the Weekly Opinion category of the blog.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope that the content will be enjoyable and useful.