Yet another page and a rant

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

This should be a rather short post since it’s purpose is two communicate just a couple of points.

Firstly, starting next week’s thursday, the blog will have an additional page called The Basics. The idea behind The Basics is for it to host the sort of things that parents should teach their kids, but which they apparently think they will learn at school. A couple of quick examples of this are basic personal finance and cooking.

Secondly, I would like to adress my displeasure at the mess WordPress’ blocks have caused. See, previously you could type a blog post or page like any other document, and add images, quotes, lists or embedded items as you saw fit. On the one hand this allowed bloggers to write a post or page as they wished, but at the same time there could be some issues when inserting content other than text. WordPress attempted to solve this issue by introducing blocks, which are the basic structures that a post or page are made of. For example, a block could be a paragraph, or an image, or a quote, or a list. In this way some flexibility and standarization was introduced into blogs hosted at WordPress.

The problem I’ve been having with blocks for quite a while is that a given post’s blocks don’t appear to be the same when using different hardware. Most of my writing is done on my laptop, but I will sometimes write the first few paragraphs of a new post on my cellphone or on a tablet. Every single time I do this, I can’t be sure that the content I see on my tablet or phone matches what I’ve written on my laptop. The problem just becomes anoying when using a phone or a tablet for a quick edit, since it just leads me to think that the post’s format and appearance have been altered.

The blocks and appearance problem has been getting more confusing and finally burst earlier last week, when a large chunk of the Rebuttals to Fatlogic page just vanished from one day to the next. Fortunately, most of the content on that page comes from existing posts, so I can fix the issue rather quickly. However, the experience has left a sour taste in my mouth in terms of adding or maintaining additional blog pages in addition to the homepage. That’s the reason why the Rebuttals to Fatlogic and the Remembrance of Earth’s Past Trilogy pages have been without updates.

Anyway, hopefully by only logging in to wordpress through my laptop this issues will stop and I’ll be able to restore and continue writing new content.

See you next week!