Don’t visit Mexico

A while back this blog began translating its posts into spanish as a means to attract more readers and allow me to practice the language. This post will be a little different in that we’ll mostly use sources in spanish since there are but a few in english. Among sources in english we’ll rely very heavily on Crime in Mexico, which itself uses data from different mexican government sources (considering the penchant for corruption south of the US border, the real numbers for crime can only be much worse). For sources in spanish I’ll use everything from news reports, editorials, social media comments and analyses by others.

Why this post?

The main motivation for this post came from coworkers and friends who were either born or currently live in Mexico and who’ve commented on the situation down there. Although Mexico is known for its high crime statistics, my aquaintances concerns and complaints were well beyond the usual and indicated that something else was going on. This post in an attempt to make sense of the situation over there and a call for foreigners to cut short their visits or to stop visiting the country entirely.

A little background

This section is divided into two: first how crime data is registered and presented by Crime in Mexico’s sources (since they’re the official ones) and then a bit of a summary or the very recent goings-on in the country.

On the crime data

The crimes reported in the data are kidnappings, homicides, extortions and car robberies. It’s important to note that the term car robbery stands the robbery of a vehicle with four wheels, and that the number for homicides includes deaths resulting from terrorism, military operations, operations of war and legal interventions as well as

On recent history


Since taking office on December 1st of last year,