Don’t visit Mexico

A while back this blog began translating its posts into spanish as a means to attract more readers and allow me to practice the language. This post will be a little different in that we'll mostly use sources in spanish since there are but a few in english. Among sources in english we'll rely very … Continue reading Don’t visit Mexico

The basics: On our frame of reference

Photo by Burst from Pexels Whenever we measure, cut, read, listen to, eat, cook, write, or think about anything, we need something that anchors us to our prior experiences and which allows us to make sense of what we are now going through. This is something that we all do, and, as we tend to … Continue reading The basics: On our frame of reference

The long pause

There is this Spanish podcast that I sometimes listen to. It's a mix of news, sports, business commentary, and some psychology segments published several times per week. During one of those psychology portions they talked about what the most stressful events in our lives are. Having and raising children, moving (as in changing residency) and … Continue reading The long pause