Patriotism, sacrifice and fake-triotism

Photo by from Pexels If you were to ask the average person on the street what patriotism is, you'd probably get a response about loving or feeling pride for someone's country. Other responses could possibly include actions like showing deference to a flag, to some song like the anthem or joining the armed forces. … Continue reading Patriotism, sacrifice and fake-triotism

What is insulin?

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels Obligatory disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, and the content of this website was created for informational purposes only. Such content is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. In previous posts we've talked about a couple hormones related to our metabolism like ghrelin … Continue reading What is insulin?

Trying to make sense of Venezuela

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels This post was inspired after a night of heavy drinking with some colleages from Latin America. Some additional research was done on Wikipedia and through Google searches, but this post is mainly me channeling the words of my fellow drinkers and adding a little bit of detail here and there. … Continue reading Trying to make sense of Venezuela

Social media, self-enclosure, and false narrative

I intend this post to expand on some thoughts I've had on social media. The topic is not unique to a specific platform or to social media itself, but I think the way we use these networks allows for the problem to be more obvious. Fortunately, that may also help us solve the problem in … Continue reading Social media, self-enclosure, and false narrative

Love your haters – Let them improve your life

We've all got haters. That ex-boyfriend that badmouths you to others? That teacher that went full Snape on you? So-called critics that are clearly not trying to help you? Yup, we've all got haters, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. They're the people who talk crap about you, backstab you, doubt you … Continue reading Love your haters – Let them improve your life

My love for National Geographic

A couple of years before finishing elementary school I travelled to Nicaragua with my grandmother. The main goal of the trip was for us to meet my aunt's husband's family. A play-by-play talk of the trip would require a dedicated blog post at the very least, and perhaps I'll write it at a later time. … Continue reading My love for National Geographic

Moving a lot doesn’t mean advancing

I arrived a little late to the twit down below, about a week late, actually. The moment I read it, though, I was transported back in time to those interesting years when I was working as a lab intern, then the time I worked on my bachelor's thesis and the couple of years that followed … Continue reading Moving a lot doesn’t mean advancing

Taking a look at highschool maths and physics

It feels like a lifetime ago since I graduated from highschool, and sat my admission exams to college. At the time, most of my friends and I had chosen our majors (mostly engineering and hard sciences), but we still hadn't understood how the boring maths and physics that we'd been taught had anything to do … Continue reading Taking a look at highschool maths and physics

On regular mental health checkups

I am not a regular viewer of The Lawful Masses with Leonard French, but on February 4 they published a video that gave me some food for thought. In this video, Leonard and his co-hosts talk about an order from Michigan Supreme Court in which the Court considers adding questions regarding mental health to the … Continue reading On regular mental health checkups

Lessons from Vice and BuzzFeed

As you probably know, on February 1 Vice Media confirmed that it would lay off 10% of its staff, shedding around 250 people. BuzzFeed clearly wanted to join in the fun, as its CEO, Jonah Peretti, announced the media company would lay off 15% of its staff, letting go of around 200 workers worldwide. What … Continue reading Lessons from Vice and BuzzFeed