The voice from the past

It's been quite some time since I typed anything to be published on this website. I would like to pretend that I've been doing some deep, meaningful, world-changing work. The reality is that I moved halfway across the world and wasn't interested in continuing with the project. Now, however, I have a bit of extra … Continue reading The voice from the past

Lessons from a short trip to Las Vegas

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels So I know I should use this post to tell you about how I went to Vegas last week, and in the process made lots of money, drank several Olympic pools worth of ethanol, and close with something that brings up the "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" line. … Continue reading Lessons from a short trip to Las Vegas

The lies we tell ourselves

Photo by Gratisography from Pexels Let me tell you a very short story. Some days ago I woke up from a dream that I remembered down to the smallest detail. Such occurrence might seem silly for some of you reading this, but for someone like me, that has a hard time remembering any dream, this … Continue reading The lies we tell ourselves

Patriotism, sacrifice and fake-triotism

Photo by from Pexels If you were to ask the average person on the street what patriotism is, you'd probably get a response about loving or feeling pride for someone's country. Other responses could possibly include actions like showing deference to a flag, to some song like the anthem or joining the armed forces. … Continue reading Patriotism, sacrifice and fake-triotism

We interrupt your scheduled post to do some maintenance

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels This shall be a very short post. Instead of our usual programming of a post on Fatlogic this monday, I'll take the day to update the Rebuttals to Fatlogic page with all of our previous posts. Regular posts will return on thursday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Basics: More often than not, people do get the government they deserve

Photo by mohamed Abdelgaffar from Pexels One of the joys of the modern world is that almost anyone can voice their opinion. At the same time, one of the worst aspects of the modern world is that very few of those opinions are actually worth paying attention to (says the author without any hint of … Continue reading The Basics: More often than not, people do get the government they deserve

What is the metabolic syndrome?

Photo by Public Domain Pictures from Pexels Obligatory disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, and the content of this website was created for informational purposes only. Such content is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Out of all the topics and questions we've covered in this blog, this one … Continue reading What is the metabolic syndrome?

¿Qué es la termogénesis?

Source: Renuncia de responsabilidad: El contenido de este sitio web ha sido creado con fines informativos únicamente. Tal contenido no debe ser considerado como sustituto a indicaciones médicas, tratamiento o diagnóstico. En un post anterior hablamos acerca del efecto térmico de los alimentos, y previamente hemos hablado de cómo responde nuestro organismo ante la falta … Continue reading ¿Qué es la termogénesis?

Don’t visit Mexico

A while back this blog began translating its posts into spanish as a means to attract more readers and allow me to practice the language. This post will be a little different in that we'll mostly use sources in spanish since there are but a few in english. Among sources in english we'll rely very … Continue reading Don’t visit Mexico